Docker with Pi

Docker is a technology that I have not had any experience with previously, as in most cases I have just booted up a new VM and run applications in their own VM. Well this month I decided to setup Pi-Hole to better analyse the DNS requests being made on my network.

So, I installed Docker in a VM running on LapServ that was previously running a few Node.js scripts. Since installing docker on this VM, I have been trailing a lot of systems that I have previously not had chance to mess around with, as spinning up a Docker container is stupidly easy. For example, I have been thinking of looking into using InfluxDB as the backend datastore for the new monitoring system I am building to replace the many different systems I am using at the moment, though don’t see myself moving away from PRTG any time soon, as it’s just so nice.

I’ve now got a few Docker contains running permanently, two Pi-Hole instances, one for my standard network and one for the server itself to keep the data separate, as LapServ is making many requests for all the systems it is monitoring. Also got two containers running the previously mentioned node.js scripts, both of which are Discord bots.

A weird insight I have gained since setting up Pi-Hole, is that my main Windows 10 PC is obsessed with my printer. It seems to be making DNS requests for the printer ever 30 seconds, not sure why. There are two other Windows 10 devices on the network that are connected to this printer, that are not making any requests. To put into perspective how many requests it is making, 39% of all requests from my PC are for the printer, no idea why this is.

After attempting to run some heavy containers on the VM, I think that I am going to need to move the main Docker node off LapServ soon, as it’s starting to idle at 40% CPU, which is way more than this little thing can handle. I am currently in the process of re-designing the home network, so that will have to wait for now.