Out with the old, in with the Ghost.

Today sees the launch of my new portfolio website.

Why did I do this?

Honestly, I just wanted change. My previous portfolio, which will be been moved to legacy.ndcrawshaw.uk, had been up and running for a couple of years now and was starting to feel stale.
Legacy Site:

So, after a lengthy consideration, I decided that I wanted to move to using a blog for a portfolio, over using a static page again, as this should give me more incentive to finish projects, and which will help me towards my career goals more, so worth a shot.


Pretty much the main requirement was to be simple to use and allow me to post updates.
It would be nice to not to have to care about security to a large degree, as part of this it needed to play nicely with CloudFlare by being static.

What am I using?

Ghost. Ghost is a relatively new platform that was founded in 2013, and is a simplistic system, it just does what it says in the tin, with no fancy add-ons or extensions that are “required” to get up and running, like the popular blogging platform WordPress.
I was not going to use WordPress, as I have spent way too much of my working time securing WordPress sites for clients, after they installed bad plugins or didn't update, though that is a whole other story.

Why Ghost?

I will admit, there are quite a few alternative platforms out now, another example I was looking at was Grav, but the user base for that seemed to be just as small and it has a lot more additional features and complexities, that I don't really need at this time, though it is something I may look into in the future for other projects.


This is something I will be covering in an upcoming post, which I will link to on here when it's done. Though, I can confirm that this is self-hosted at this time.

What now?

I will start writing odd articles, every now and then based on the projects I am working on, as more of a note taking system, that may come in useful for other people and will also keep a good record of my projects.

I hope that if you're reading this, you find something that will spike your interest.