Training courses

So, this week, I attended a course on “Systems Operations on AWS”, and it was bland, so very bland. I know it was not exactly designed to be an intensive course, but as an intimidate level course, I was expecting to at least learn something. Everything that was covered, I had used or watched odd YouTube videos on in my own free time. I would say that this course would have suited better for someone who had never used “cloud” technologies before, and not someone who already works in system operations. Also, for something that cost a lot of money, it was pretty much an advert; I find this to be something common between all the training courses I have been on in the little time I have been working.

I started with some Cisco training back in college and found that the official certification that was training us for, was not worth going for, but I did learn something during that training, but it hasn’t really come in useful. Then with my first “proper” job, I got loads of qualifications in Polycom and Acano systems, as they are required for the company to be partners, and as the Technical Architect I needed to know how pretty much everything worked. With my second job, they did not offer any training as part of the job, but I did get a couple of qualifications on Plesk, as they were pretty much giving them away in a deal one day, so was defiantly worth it ^_^.

Then we come to my current job. With NHS Digital, since being here I we have been provided with some online Splunk training, which was alright, but was training us on a lot of things that only the person setting up a new setup would need to know, and not actually how to use it on a day to day basis. If you want to learn Splunk, the Splunk Quick Reference Guide will teach you how to do 95% of what you need on a daily basis. Following this, we were provided a CBT Nuggets subscription, before it was annoyingly taken away; I spent a lot of time on that, as it’s how I like to learn. And finally, I was sent on the for-mentioned AWS course.

I would say that from all the courses and training I have done with work and in my own time, the training that weirdly cost the least have been the most useful. With the most useful of all being the online training courses such as CBT Nuggets and Pluralsight, as being able to learn in your own time and at your own pace is the best thing.

Update: Pluralsight are having a Black Friday Event, good time to get it.